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How to Start Earning from Probo App

Probo focuses on understanding the world around us and making the most of our knowledge. The platform is based on real events that you can explore, verify, and follow yourself.

his team of experts sifts through vast amounts of information to provide you with a concise understanding of world events. This helps you form opinions and gain a deeper understanding of global happenings.

Probo is an opinion trading platform that allows you to enter and exit trades as you see fit. You can withdraw from a trade if it doesn’t align with your expectations.

In addition to teaching you valuable financial and trading skills, Probo gives insight into the collective opinions of Indians. This knowledge is essential for the betterment of our country.

What is Probo App

In this blog, we are going to talk about Probo app. Probo is an opinion app where you can earn money by providing opinions in the form of yes or no answers. For example, you can predict which IPL team will win today or how many views Mr. Beast’s video will get in two days. Similarly, you will be asked many questions where you can earn money by providing yes or no responses.

As you can see, some money has been earned, which I can withdraw by clicking. The money will be transferred to my bank account within one week. Another way to earn money is by referring the app to others. If you refer someone, you can earn cashback up to 200 rupees.

Let me show you how to earn money from this app. First, you need to open an account. Then, you must complete your KYC process. After that, add a bank account. Once you complete these steps, you become eligible to earn from this app.

How to open Probo App Account

Follow the instructions to create an account.

  1. Click Account Opening Link: https://probo-in.onelink.me/1kre/tj43oyjf 
  2. Once you click the link, you will be taken to the page where you can download and install the app.
  3. After installing the app, enter your mobile number and OTP for verification.
  4. Choose your preferred language to access the app’s dashboard.
  5. Next, complete your KYC process:
  6. Go to your profile and click on “KYC verification.”
  7. Enter your full name, date of birth, and PAN card number.
  8. Verify this information.
  9. Enter your UPI ID in the bank details and verify it.

How to give opinion on probo App

Let me give you a demo of how you can provide opinions. Here, you can see yes or no options. For instance, “Will Hyderabad win the match against Chennai Super Kings?” I think Hyderabad won’t win, so I’ll choose “No.” Then, it shows that my bet is for 5.4 rupees, and if my opinion is correct, I’ll earn 10 rupees. This is one way to earn from the app. 

Probo App Refer And Earn

Another way is to earn through referrals. If you invite someone, you can earn up to 200 rupees in referral commission. You will also receive a 1% profit sharing, but there is a limit to the profit sharing, which is only valid for 7 days.

If you need an invite link, click on “Invite now” and get the referral link. Share the link with your friends, and whenever a friend joins, you’ll receive a commission.

In this blog, I showed you how you can earn money from Probo.


Is Probo legal in India?

Probo is an app where you can trade opinions and bet on predictions. The legality of the app in India can vary based on your location since different states have their own gambling and betting regulations. Be sure to verify your local laws to confirm whether using the app is permissible in your area.

Is Probo app safe?

Probo aims to offer a safe environment for its users. It uses KYC verification and encryption to secure user data and transactions. Nonetheless, you should remain cautious and follow safety best practices when using any online service.

What is the Probo app?

Probo is an app where users can trade opinions and place bets on a wide range of questions and events. By accurately predicting the outcomes of topics like sports, entertainment, and more, users can earn money. The app also offers opportunities to earn through referrals and profit sharing.


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